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About & How to Contact Us

We are a group of parents and students who work together to organize extracurricular academic activities for our children at a reasonable cost.

There are many online groups, and many of us belong to several. For this group, we focus on getting together in person, learn something new and build friendships and social skills in the process.

We operate in Calgary, Alberta.


Join us!

Be part of our team, sponsor an event, or volunteer even just once, contact us at:


or through our Facebook page.

We are currently in need for parent(s) or student(s) with artistic inclinations to create props for Math and Chemistry classes. Want to help out? We give credit, provide permanent links to your website, and write reference letters. We’ll even give you a nickname (see volunteers below) and provide you with an email address that redirects to your own email for use with your resume, for example:


Props needed:

  • 3D constructions of pyramids residing inside circles, made of skewers, straws, etc.
  • transparency film or sheet protectors use over photographs to emphasize perspective as training of adaptive vision towards 3D geometry








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