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Digital Art, Resources

Khan Academy with Pixar in a Box

Check out for example character modeling.


Are you a Math fan? Use it for animation.



The art of storytelling.

What is Film Grammar? Pixar's Intro to Film Grammar.





Digital Art and Animation Group

Please contact us if you are able to sponsor part of this program, participate, create props or donate any materials.

Start Date: depends on the number of participants, class won't proceed with less than 6 students.

Location: NW, TBD.


Materials provided: Art dummy (we'll take pictures of)

Students must bring: this class requires a digital pen and tablet.

Students will create/have gmail or outlook accounts if they want to share links to their art in GoogleDrive or OneDrive.


We will be using Autodesk Sketchbook, which is currently free for everyone. See example tutorials here.

We'll make our own templates for poses using a camera and an art dummy.



Interesting Work

Cinema 4D - Noise Algorithms


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