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Grade 10-12 Chemistry

Naming Compounds, Self Guiding Lesson

What are we working with? A combination of:

Enter naming wizard using these components

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Metals Non-Metals Polyatomic Ions A number of Oxygen atoms  
(Element) (Element) (Compound)    
Cation Anion Hydroxy Ion repetitions Hydrogen Access to OpenText Library, Chemistry
          Download a periodic table see also Changes to the Periodic table
          Cool Stuff: Quantum Chemistry with Lego at U of C


We can map and on the Periodic Table.


 - Metalloids are not considered Metals per se.

- Hydrogen can act like a or a , depending on the circumstances.

- follow the link to watch TED-Ed's "The genius of Mendeleev's periodic table"



Henry Moseley and the Atomic Number


 Atoms, by Jean Baptiste Perrin (1916, English Version)

(Book from the collections of New York Public Library)


 A first course in physics, by Millikan, Robert Andrews, 1868-1953

(Textbook) See how amazing experiments were designed to verify theories that were impossible to see without modern technologies.




Molecular Compounds Containing Hydrogen





Change of Phase

Heat of Fusion, Vaporization    
Heat of Fusion, Vaporization  




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