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Lending Library

Coding and Web Design

Shortcuts: Web Design, e-Learning, Computer Science Theory



Coding with Scratch (from MIT)


JavaScript for Kids at the Library (eBook)

see also Artificial Intelligence

Coding with MIT Scratch 3.0, step-by-step Workbooks


Other Resources

Tech Dev Guide with Google:
- Foundations of Programming,
- Advanced Programming,
- Machine Learning,
- Cloud Computing.

Online Learning Resources

Treehouse If you’re new to web development and you want to learn with a user-friendly platform. They have a free trial week.
freeCodeCamp Teaches the basics of web development .
The Odin Project Web development with a focus on back-end development.
Developing Android Apps Udacity

Tools for Creating Websites

The simplest tool is Google's Blogspot.







Computing Algorithms Explained

Visualization of Quick Sort Merge Sort vs Quick Sort
Getting Sorted What's the fastest way to alphabetize your bookshelf


Advanced Algorithms

Stanford University: Algorithms 1, Video Lectures, Playlist


Mathematics for Computer Science (MIT OpenCourseWare)


Data Science

4 Easy Steps to Structure Highly Unstructured Big Data, via Automated Indexation


see also Data Science for Dummies.


Academix: Study, Explore, Engage...