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Ongoing activities...

Hands on Math - on Jan 3rd, 2018


Mandarin Language - 5 classes initially, some students will continue after. Resuming in February 2018.

Grade 9 Math competition study group.


Funny Math Comments

I have a 6-sided cube.

I'm like 25% funny and 85% bad at math.


Three Ways to Fail



Tools and Websites

Beyond Top 10 Free Applications for Learning and Managing the Classroom

Best Websites for Teaching and Learning Math



The Nature of Learning, Using Research to Inspire Practice
Centre for Educational Research and Innovation


High intelligence: A risk factor for psychological and physiological overexcitabilities


Learning Soft Skills In Childhood Can Prevent Harder Problems Later



Fluency Without Fear: Research Evidence on the Best Ways to Learn Math Facts


Succeed in Math


Newest Trends in Educations


What is Conceptual Learning

Concept-Based Curriculum design, by Jennifer Chang-Wathall


Concepts are associated with high levels of cognitive sophistication and are not expected in an insect brain. Yet, various works have shown that the miniature brain of honeybees rapidly learns conceptual relationships involving visual stimuli (click here to access article).




Teaching Conceptual Understanding


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