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Community Event:
Preschool and K-2 Winter Event: Hands on Math at the Nose Hill Library

Wed, January 3, 2018 4:30 PM.

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Community Event:
"Hands on Math"

Hands on Math Session at the Crowfoot Library (in the Meeting Room)

Sat, March 11, 2017 at 3:15PM-4:30PM


We'll learn about the Mobius Strip, Menger Cube, and Borromean Rings. The purpose is to introduce students to the kind of Math they don't get to see in school, inspire and just have fun.

Activities are hands on paper projects, measuring, examining the forms, etc.


Materials needed: scissors, scotch tape, 3 crayons: red, blue, and green, a sharpie. We’ll provide: play dough, printouts, measuring tape.

Cost: Free


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Volunteers: 2 grade 6 volunteers, 2 grade 7 volunteers, and 1 grade 10 volunteer.


Math Club Suggestions

Reading material for this class:

Group Age: 4 - 7

Project: Venn Diagrams

Rings (black and white to color)


Rings (colored)

You need either or, not both.

We are not permitted to post the Robot cards, you may need to photocopy at the library. A few printouts will be available for cutouts.



Group Age: 8+

Project: Borromean Rings

Borromean Rings (black and white - student will have to color)


Rings (already colored needs only cutting out)

Supplies: printout of one of the above pages, scotch tape, scissors.


Project: Mobius Strip

Construction paper will be provided.

Supplies: scotch tape, scissors, sharpie.

No printouts necessary.



Group Age: 11+

Project: Menger Sponge

Supplies: a few printouts will be supplied. The group will work together to make a few cubes using scotch tape and scissors.

A few batches of play dough and wooden cubes will be provided.

These are the cube printouts we'll use:

Menger Sponge Progression,

Cube 1

Cube 2

Cube 3

Cube 4
Task: Menger Sponge Calculations,


Project: Fibonacci

May add this project if there is time.



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