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Working Memory

Eating Disorders

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Anxiety and Stress

Live simulation to analyze medical reports

Gaming Disorder

Disaster Resources


A Theory of Human Motivation - Maslow's Pyramid of Needs


Conflict Resolution

Addiction to sugar - what does it do to your brain?


Is There Something Really Wrong?

Need to go public? Go public and tell your story...


How the body works for kids:

Sexual health for teens:

Alcohol and Drug Prevention:

About Bullying

What is Bullying


Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention

Kids Help Phone, 1-800-668-6868




Pandem-Sim™ is an intense and immersive learning experience that engages your students in a live simulation to analyze medical reports from around the world.

Students quickly diagnose and treat an array of infectious diseases, study the data trends, and issue recommendations for prevention and control through public health alerts. With the help of computers, the Internet, and a video conference or webcam connection, students interact with a "Chief Epidemiologist" at the Challenger Learning Center® in Wheeling, WV.

Together, teams of students use their critical thinking skills and scientific knowledge to resolve disease outbreaks and try to prevent epidemics. During their mission, students become part of an emergency epidemiology team assembled to help resolve worldwide outbreaks. Stationed in a simulated Pandem Disease Center (PDC), students receive alerts from health officials in the field and must respond quickly to help prevent further disease cases.

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Learning Disabilities

Working Memory is an issue with many learning disabilities.

!!! Click here for Working Memory (WM) Training



Check out some strategies here:



Did you know? Giftedness is consider a learning disability. Alberta code for this is Code 80.

Effects of Early Acceleration of Students in Mathematics on Mathematics Coursework (International Statistical Institute)

Tips for Parents: Academic Acceleration for Students in 8th Grade and Younger

Gifted Challenges



Gaming Disorder

WHO Q&A About Gaming Disorders


Center on Media and Child Health

Center on Media and Child Health

How do I know if my tween has “gaming disorder”?

South Korea rehab camp for Internet-addicted teenagers

Ask the doctor a media related question



How the Internet, Dopamine and your Brain are Working Together to Screw Your Potential (by Anthony W. Richardson)

Click here for simlar articles.

The brainwaves of gamers

Neural Basis of Video Gaming: A Systematic Review

Risk-taking outside of the video game environment following game play



Korea’s Internet Addicts

The Neuroscience of Internet Addiction 



Eating Disorders

Calgary Eating Disorder Program



Immediate effects on learning and a common misdiagnosis

"The “inability to focus and concentrate,” which is almost universally reported by our young patients and their observant parents, is a direct result of their eating disorders -- not a separate condition, such as attention deficit disorder. Mistaking the poor concentration of semi-starvation for ADD or ADHD frequently leads to the prescription of stimulant medications which, unfortunately, can cause counter-productive appetite suppression. This highlights the critical importance of accurate diagnosis, which is greatly (though imperfectly) supported by the new DSM-5, and the critical importance of prompt, even aggressive, re-feeding."


How Malnourishment Affects the Brain: Research on Anorexia and Neurobiology

For example, excessive weight loss can cause shrinkage of the brain’s gray matter.

Also, people underweight due to this eating disorder scored higher for depression, anxiety, and obsessiveness than those with anorexia who had restored weight. All of these symptoms, including loss of brain mass, improved with weight restoration.



Anorexia & Loss of Cognitive Ability



Anxiety and Stress

Library books that may help dealing with people who cause you anxiety:

Powerful Phrases for Dealing
With Difficult People

My Age of Anxiety
Check out these digital books from the Calgary Public Library. The app to use is OverDrive.
Here is a short intro to how to use OverDrive:


Sometimes anxiety and stress is due to trauma, and can be very difficult to deal with.

Here is one approach: Choose the story you want to tell, change the past...




How Stress Affects your Brain - Epigenetic Changes


University of Calgary:

What’s the difference between shyness and social anxiety? UCalgary experts on the inexact science of recognizing anxiety disorders in schools



A Theory of Human Motivation - Maslow's Pyramid of Needs


Maslow studied the healthiest 1% of the college student population.
The largest, most fundamental needs at the bottom and the need for self-actualization and self-transcendence at the top.

Maslow's theory suggests that the most basic level of needs must be met before the individual will strongly desire (or focus motivation upon) the secondary or higher level needs. Maslow also coined the term "metamotivation" to describe the motivation of people who go beyond the scope of the basic needs and strive for constant betterment.



Disaster Resources

AHS Website Disaster Resources – Mental Health Resources

Helping Your Child or Teen Prepare Emotionally For Disasters or Emergencies

Responding to a Disaster or Emergency

Recovery after a Disaster or Emergency




Reversing Type 2 Diabetes


Sugar Addiction



Conflict Resolution


- Strawman Tactics

- Ad Hominem Attack

- Black and White Fallacy

- Authority Fallacy

- No True Scotsman Fallacy

Check out this book:
Confident Conversation
by Bechtle, Mike
  Communication is an art, and anyone--whether shy or outgoing--can improve his or her conversational skills. Dr. Mike Bechtle offers a straightforward guide to making good conversation that works for any personality type.




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