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Recommended Books by AB Ed.:

English Language Arts Authorized Novels and Nonfiction Annotated List — Grades 4 to 12 (2005) 



LA Activities Websites (elementary students)

Kerpoof (unfortunately closed its doors...)

Pixton - organizing a story as a cartoon - great for preparing the storyline for advanced writing.

LA interactive game (various ages) - Digger and the Gang -

Activities and quizzes -


Working on Your Spelling (elementary students)

Spelling Quiz - hear the word and submit the spelling:

AAA Spell - choose your grade, click on a Spelling list link, we recommend the "Hear and Spell" category.
                                       for example grade 3 lesson1 Hear and Spell:, press the Start button.


Working on Your Typing Skills (elementary students)

BBC Dance Mat Typing -


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Teach with Picture Books

How to Write a Good Introduction

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"Early Math Concepts".
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Gutenberg Project - download books (over 42,000 free eBooks)

Librivox - audio books

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BBC: Top 100 stories that shapes the world




Listen to Story Podcasts and Audiobooks (free)

Story: Eleanor Amplified

Books by Jules Verne on librivox

The Adventures of Pinocchio

Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand

Dragon Rider

The Fourth Apprentice (Warriors series)

The Son of Neptune

Listening skills should be cultivated while children are still young. Since so much of learning happens through direct instruction, students who have not acquired the habit are at a great detriment. Story time can also be an opportunity to increase vocabulary, which makes reading more enjoyable. It’s difficult to enjoy a story that is not understood. Read or play an audio and listen together with your child, stop regularly to check for new words.  



ESL (English as a Second Language)






         - see also word of the day email subscription on that page.

         - provides sound for pronunciation. 

         - this is a good website but unfortunately quite slow because of the ads they are running on it. Press the "Skip this Ad" link where available.



Merriam-Webster Thesaurus





Use your public library to borrow children's audio books.


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