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Free Writing Worksheets

Scholastic -

Wikibooks on Literature -


LA Worksheets (free)

Grammar Lessons and Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets - Comprehension, Grammar, Editing, etc.

Teachnology -

Alberta Education Language Arts

AB English Language Arts

Learning and Teaching Resources

Recommended Books by AB Ed.:

English Language Arts Authorized Novels and Nonfiction Annotated List — Grades 4 to 12 (2005) 



LA Activities Websites (elementary students)

Kerpoof (unfortunately closed its doors...)

Pixton - organizing a story as a cartoon - great for preparing the storyline for advanced writing.

LA interactive game (various ages) - Digger and the Gang -

Activities and quizzes -


Working on Your Spelling (elementary students)

Spelling Quiz - hear the word and submit the spelling:

AAA Spell - choose your grade, click on a Spelling list link, we recommend the "Hear and Spell" category.
                                       for example grade 3 lesson1 Hear and Spell:, press the Start button.


Working on Your Typing Skills (elementary students)

BBC Dance Mat Typing -


Other Resources

Teach with Picture Books

How to Write a Good Introduction

Free books online and reading programs:

Gutenberg Project - download books (over 42,000 free eBooks)

Librivox - audio books

Sparknotes, short stories study guide -

Sparknotes, literature -

Sparknotes, Shakespeare -

Reading Programs K-Grades - 6:




BBC: Top 100 stories that shapes the world





ESL (English as a Second Language)






         - see also word of the day email subscription on that page.

         - provides sound for pronunciation. 

         - this is a good website but unfortunately quite slow because of the ads they are running on it. Press the "Skip this Ad" link where available.



Merriam-Webster Thesaurus





Use your public library to borrow children's audio books. Listening skills are very important, especially when you are just starting to speak a new language.


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