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Math: Preschool, Kindergarten and Grades K-2

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Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University

PDF Article Download: The Science of Neglect: The Persistent Absence of Responsive Care Disrupts the Developing Brain

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What do children typically know before starting school: Help Your Child Develop Early Math Skills



Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1
Grade 1
Grade 2
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Fun Math
Mathematical Board Games

Family Math Nights Made Easy

Math Games


Don't be afraid to learn with your toddler, it is the back and forth of the interaction that makes these activities valuable and teaches life long learning. Be the first person in your child's life to show that learning is fun, and establish good listening skills.

Counting, recognizing patterns and sorting shapes are age appropriate skills beginning at age 2. Start early and move forward thoroughly. Make sure the activities are fun. Click here to see an article on what you can expect for each age.

Preschool Worksheets

Variety of free printable worksheets

Introduce Patterns to Toddlers

Visual Patterns (pdf)

Growing patterns (pdf)

Cut and paste worksheet (pdf)

Spot the numbers - "I spy number trays"

Count Easter Egg Dyed Pasta

PBS Math Activities for Toddlers

Pinterest Math Activities


Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1

Experiment which skills are appropriate for you child, at these ages most children have unpredictable talents. Some skills may be easy and others not quite yet. Try any skill first and move up and down with the difficulty level. A bit of mental strain builds mental muscle, but too much will cause a lack of interest and stress, adjust as you go.

Time Start Working on Logic: 2D and 3D Geometry,
Fold a Shape:
Track the position of the elements on the folded cubes.
Telling Time

Have your student draw something on the cube before folding, explore where each drawing has landed after folding.
Use Venn Diagrams to sort shapes and find commonalities. The shared space can later be introduced as the "intersection".

Sorting shapes

Instead of reading the clock, initially children can place a sticker/magnet/icon on the hour when it's time to do the activity depicted.

Make an awesome clock with your kids

We love Olga's puzzles, they are excellent at training the logical thinking.
Artist Credit: Olga Bolbot

Shutter Stock IQ puzzles

Practice visual acuity, this webpage asks to compare which group is larger. Notice the arrows below the image and page through.

Compare Groups
Educational Video Games
If you are going to have screen time anyway, make it educational games, they're free..

A variety of math worksheets for preschoolers, including combining art with math.

Various Preschool Logic Worksheets..

The chapter on Venn Diagrams helps practice Logic. Check your understanding with self grading online quizzes.
Mathy Art Worksheets from Crayola


PBS Games

Make your own pattern cards pack.


Fold 3D shapes
Various PBS Ideas on Pinterest

Create a game using shapes


Make a 3D Graph, literally
Math Activities

Patterns (from the old Kerpoof website)

One way to get used to shapes is to use Tangrams. Even though the solution is given, the child keeps looking which shapes fits in the right position. Make your own cards and play together. Mention the name of the shape for the best effect
Printable tangrams
Shapes and Sizes, Worksheets

Easy Fun Math Activities

Use cubes to alternate patterns
Or instead of Tangrams use Tetris.
Printable Tetris

Shapes and Counting
  Explore Non-numerical Patterns with Sound (example drums)
  Counting and Addition Worksheets

Hands-On Activities

Geometry from the old Kerpoof website

Geometry - Angles (Kerpoof Lesson Plan: Crazy Angles! - used to be on the Kerpoof website)


Geometry - Angles, lesson

Even and Odd Numbers

Find the Odd one Out

Counting Coins
Number Smart
Commutativity of Addition

Place Numbers in the Right Order

More on Coins

Correlate numbers with images

Grades PK-2,
Use Hands On and Conceptual Learning with Math
Halloween Math Picture Puzzles Sampler (FREE)      





Grade 1

Lego Math Games

Math Sheets

Piggy Bank Coin Recognition Printable
BBC Bitesize Math





Introduction to Equations

Help your Child Evolve Logic and Mathematical Thinking

Step 1: Print the cards first, each drawing is equivalent to a number of squares. For example the butterfly is one square, the fish is 2 and so on. Cut around the largest square that includes each drawing.  
Step 2: Use the cutouts to demonstrate equalities and possible replacements.  
Step 3: Suggest the idea of balance. Help your child place equivalent elements. You can later introduce equality instead of the balance.
Use the cutouts to show how each side of the balance has the same number of squares.


4 Different Ways To Teach Subtraction To Your Child




Grade 2

Solving Coin Word Problems, part 1

Solving Coin Word Problems, part 2

More coin instructional videos

Patterns on the number line


Multistep word problems (problems and answers - PDF)





Additional Articles and Podcasts

Podcast: How to inspire young problem-solvers and enable virtually all students to excel in math

60 Ways To Help Students Think For Themselves

Free Audio Book: Philosophy and Fun of Algebra, by Marie Everest Boole (1832-1916)





Preschool, Kindergarten and Grade 1
Grade 1
Grade 2
Additional Articles and Podcasts


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