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Kindergarten Math

Alberta KINDERGARTEN Early Numeracy:

Kindergarten Program


Sample Worksheets: Click on Image to Download a

turtle puzzle

Source: "Color Your Way to Math"

Accelerate your student's learning with effective math materials

Kindergarten Math   Kindergarten Math   Kindergarten Math

Variety of free printable worksheets

Visual Patterns (pdf)



Projects and Printables: Telling Time



       see more puzzles 

Practice visual acuity, this webpage asks to compare which group is larger. Notice the arrows below the image and page through.

Compare Groups


Kindergarten - Working with Coins

Number Puzzles 1-20


Three-dimensional shapes

3D Shapes: Track the position of the elements on the folded cubes.

Have your student draw something on the cube before folding, explore where each drawing has landed after folding.


math worksheets

Get your kids to love math by using Lego


Math Projects

Learn Something Different, Like the Fibonnaci Sequence:
Download project files here.


Find more projects about fractals, Menger cubes, Sierpinski triangles and more, this in this book:

Early Math Unusual Projects


Coloring helps children gain dexterity with the pen:

Coloring with Crayola


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