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Math 30-1 (grade 12)

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Alberta Program Curriculum

Sequences and Series



Probability and Statistics

Imaginary and Complex Numbers

Conics (segway to Quadratics)


Factoring Polynomials 

Rational Functions

Inductive Reasoning and Making a Conjecture

Three-dimensional Vectors

Math 30 Tutors in Calgary

Math Tutors in Calgary

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Mathematics 30-1: Explained

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Alberta Program Overview

30-Level Courses


BC Math: Math 12


Topics on Mr. Jones' Classroom



Digital Tools

Algebra I, Lessons

Euclid Contest Mathematics Contests, for Grade 12


American Mathematics Contest 10/12 (AMC 10/12)


AP Calculus AB Course (Alberta)


AP Calculus BC Course (British Columbia)


Math in Person...

"Better Explained" - Calculus Learning Guide

Worksheets and Automated Quizzes


Math Nite will be running every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm in MS-431 at the University of Calgary. 


Algebra and Functions


Various Quizzes organized by Unit

  More detailed information about Math Nite can be found here:

  Alberta Diploma Prep, at U of C        

Tests Online



Math 30-1, 30-2 readiness test

Grade 12 Quest A+ Practice Tests


Alberta Practice Tests for grade 12 - 2018-2019 Assessment Standards and Exemplars, Mathematics 30–1 (PDF file download)

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see also


2018–2019 Written-Response Mathematics 30-1 (PDF file download)

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Video Tutorials

Get ready for Chem 201 and Chem 203

  see also free resources:
Online Book:

This book is also available in Kindle format.


Sequences and Series

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Intro to Arithmetic Series on Khan Academy

  Intro to Geometric Series on Khan Academy



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  Review Math 20-1 functions here.
The Inverse of a Function   The Inverse of a Square Root Function

Stretching parabolas and radicals   lessons/gr12/stretchingFunctions.html
Transforming the square-root function
(Khan Academy)
Rational Functions
Function Operation and Composition

Functions Catalogue  

Function Catalogue



Probability and Statistics  
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Khan Academy lessons
  Identify Sample and Population
     quiz and worksheets


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Review Previews Year's Theory   math20-1.html#Shortcuts
Quadratic Function - Vertex Form
Quadratic Equations


Factoring Polynomials  
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Factoring Polynomials review misc/factoringPolynomials.html
Divisibility Review
Algebraic Expressions, remembering formulas

Algebraic Expressions
Slide Show:
- Introduction to Polynomials
- Factoring Polynomials
- Factoring Tutorial



Rational Functions  
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Graphing Rational Functions: Introduction


Inductive Reasoning and Making a Conjecture  

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Khan Academy
  Activity: Leap Frog Numbers Patterns
(Needs Flash)

Imaginary and Complex Numbers

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  Complex Numbers: Introduction


Lesson - Part I
(see the entire series here)
Complex Numbers

Three-dimensional Vectors

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Activity Use Tinkercad to model 3D vectors from the video below.





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Bad feelings about math beget bad grades — which beget more bad feelings

Girls rank themselves less competent in math than boys, even when getting the same grades

Stephen McCormick: a mathematician who nearly failed math

How math is helping sub-Saharan maize farmers




Free online version available..
This book is also available
in Kindle format.
Chapters have
Self Grading Quizzes

Topics include:
Sierpinski Triangles,
Menger Sponge,
Fibonacci and
The Golden Ratio.
Currently (Dec 2017),  free on Kindle.

Calculus Text Book - Western Canada High School

A Book of Abstract Algebra
Charles C. Pinter
Where can I find free Math books online?

Try the "Open Textbook Library".
Elementary Linear Algebra
Howard Anton, Chris Rorres
Make It Stick offers techniques for becoming more productive learners, and cautions against study habits and practice routines that turn out to be counterproductive By road testing many of the counterintuitive techniques described in this book, Carey shows how we can flex the neural muscles that make deep learning possible.    
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Coding with MIT 3.0 Scratch



Extras for Fun

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