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(ALL FORMULAS for Math 20-1)


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Grade 11, Math 20-1 Textbooks  

 Coding with Sharp Series

Pre-Calculus 11 Student Book
McGraw-Hill Ryerson

iWrite Math Pre-Calculus Mathematics Book 11 (AVP) by Greg Ranieri, Alan Appleby

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Digital Tools


Worksheets, Tests, and Automated Quizzes

Various Quizzes organized by Unit

Math 20-1 Practice Exams:

Assessment: Chinook Learning Services: Mathematics 20-1 or 20-2 or 20-3 Placement Test



Fermat Contest Mathematics Contests, for Grade 11

American Mathematics Contest 10/12 (AMC 10/12)


Math in Person...

Math Nite will be running every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm in MS-431 at the University of Calgary, from the following dates:
September 20th, 2017 to December 6th,
2017 January 17th, 2018 to April 11th, 2018.
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Online Lessons

Math 20-1 Lessons (YouTube videos)

BC Math: Math 11



ALL FORMULAS for Math 20-1

Patterns, Sequence and Series

Functions, in general

Quadratics (Functions)

      Complete the Square 

Equations, Quadratic

     Factoring Polynomials 

     The Quadratic Formula 

Plotting (Graphing) a Quadratic Function

Exponents (Powers) and Radicals

Radicals (Square Roots) and Equations

Reciprocal Functions

Absolute Value Functions and Equations

Function Transformations (Stretching, Inverse, ...)

Systems of Equations


Similarity in Triangles

Right Triangle Trigonometry


click here for solutions
Math 20-1 Textbook pdf
Math 20-1 Textbook pdf
Summer 2019 - Math 20-1 Lesson Plan

Math 20-1 Notes and Answers

Solutions are written in hand-writing and often shorthand was used. Click here to view the shorthand dictionary.

Unit 1.2


Q 16, page 29

Unit 1.3

Example 3, page 36 - formula


Q 22, page 44

Q 23, page 44

Create Connections

Q 26, page 45

Q 27, page 45



Unit 2.1


Q 1, 2, 6 page 83

Q 10, 12 page 84

Q 13, page 84

Q 14, page 85

Q 16, page 85


Q 18, page 86

Q 19, page 86

Unit 2.2


Q 16, page 97

Q 18, page 98

Unit 9.3


Q 10, page 498




Patterns, Sequences and Series

(back to Shortcuts...) Formulas and Summeries
    Arithmetic Sequences and Series
Cumulative Exam
(PDF download)
Geometric Sequences and Series
Arithmetic Sequences Convergent and Divergent Series
Geometric Sequences Calculating Sn Sums

Functions, in general

(back to Shortcuts...)

               y = f(x)
Functions Catalog
  Functions vs. Relations
  Piecewise Functions
see also Function Transformations
  The Quadratic Formula


(back to Shortcuts...)

Lessons and Notes


Math 20-1:

                    Scroll down to: Unit 3: Chapters 3 and 4 (these are Video presentations).


Math 20-2:

Conics (Segway to Quadratics) misc/conics_math30-1.html
  Art of Problem Solving: Vieta for Quadratics Part 1

  Art of Problem Solving: Vieta for Quadratics Part 2

Quadratic Forms: Vertex, Standard

Vertex Form

Standard Form
How to convert from standard form to vertex form:


Complete the Square

Complete the Square complete_the_square.html

Tutorial - complete the square (PDF).

  Mathisfun, Examples how to solve

Complete the Square Exercises on IXL

  Reconstructing a quadratic function from its roots and y-intercept into factored form y = a(x - x1)(x - x2)
  Looking to get a head start in Chemistry?

Try the Kindle version at:

High school chemistry

Various topics

  Parabola Interactive Activity on Desmos


Quadratic Theory - Warm-up Questionnaire


  Desmos: Quadratic Classroom Activities

Quadratic Equations

(back to Shortcuts...)

Graphical Solutions
graphing square root (radical) functions
see also radicals...
Quadratic Equations
  Lessons and Tools

Factoring Polynomials

Factoring Polynomials review misc/factoringPolynomials.html
Divisibility Review
  Algebraic Expressions, remembering formulas

Algebraic Expressions
  Polynomials, Factoring
slide show

Solving Equations

Solving Quadratic Equations via Complete the Square
  The Quadratic Formula

The Quadratic Formula uses the "a", "b", and "c" from "ax2 + bx + c", where "a", "b", and "c" are just numbers; they are the "numerical coefficients" of the quadratic equation they've given you to solve.

Forms with a=0, that yield ax2 + bx + c = bx + c only, are not considered quadratic, but rather linear.

see also Lesson, quadratics explained.
see also Systems of Equations

Plotting (Graphing) a Quadratic Function

(back to Shortcuts...)

Terms, Formulas, and Plotting
  Graphing Quadratics


Exponents (Powers) and Radicals

(back to Shortcuts...)

Review grade 10 exponent
  see also  Exponent and radicals index cards 
  Formulas Formulas and Cheat-Sheets


Introduction to Radicals, Lesson

direct PDF download:

  Introduction to Radicals misc/radicals.html
  Book online, Exponents and Roots Chapter

Reciprocal Functions

(back to Shortcuts...)

Reciprocal Functions Slide Show
Reciprocal functions (not to be confused with the inverse of a function!)
Tutorial, Graphing reciprocal functions

  Graphing Reciprocal Functions


Absolute Value Functions and Equations

(back to Shortcuts...)


Radicals (Square Roots) and Equations

(back to Shortcuts...)

Debating Extraneous Roots in Radical Equations

Radical Equations and Inequalities


Systems of Equations

(back to Shortcuts...)

  Linear Equations with Two Variables
  Systems of Linear Equations


(back to Shortcuts...)

  Solving and Graphing Linear Inequalities
An Introduction To Solving Linear Inequalities - Example 1
An Introduction To Solving Linear Inequalities - Example 2
An Introduction To Solving Linear Inequalities - Example 3

Solving Linear Compound Inequalities - Example 1
Solving Linear Compound Inequalities - Example 2
Solving Linear Compound Inequalities - Example 3


Rational Expressions and Equations

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Similarity in Triangles

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What is necessary in two triangles to conclude similarity? SAS Triangle Similarity Theorem
SSS Triangle Similarity
AA Similarity
  How to Find if Triangles are Similar
  Similar Triangles & Trigonometry File
  read more on similarity...

Function Transformations (Stretching, Inverse, ...)

(back to Shortcuts...)

  Stretching Parabolas and Radicals
 - this is a grade 12 (math 30-1) but applies to grade 11 (math 20-1) as well.
  Transformations to Parabolas, The Effects of Change
Function Transformations
Vertical and Horizontal Transformations
Stretch and Compression

  Transforming the square-root function
(Khan Academy)
  The Inverse of a Function The Inverse of a Square Root Function

  Stretching parabolas and radicals lessons/gr12/stretchingFunctions.html



(back to Shortcuts...)

  Index cards for angle terminology
Angle Terminology P1

Angle Terminology P2

  Download Angle and rotation practice sheet
pdf/ffc-trig practice circle.pdf
  Introduction to Triangle Trigonometry
  The sine law
The law of cosines

  Various Lessons

Trigonometry (on
  see also Triangle Similarity
  Understanding the Unit Circle

  Khan Academy - The Unit Circle
  The Unit Circle


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