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Postsecondary Math
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Postsecondary Math


MIT: Single Variable Calculus


Multivariable Calculus


Linear Algebra


University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMCK)

                  Video Lessons:  Prof. Richard Delaware, Calculus playlist.


Full courses available on, for example Math:



Mathematics Diagnostic Test - University of Calgary

This page includes: Study Guides, List of Topics and Additional Resources.

Math Courses on Youtube

see Precalculus courses on Khan Academy, and many other math courses.
see also a complete "Differential Calculus" course on Khan Academy.

MIT 18.01 Single Variable Calculus
, Fall 2007, See the full playlist
see also the course notes.

see also Calculus 1 on Khan Academy, and Calculus 2.
MIT 18.06 Linear Algebra, Spring 2005: playlist.

  Princeton University: Linear Algebra, playlist


Graph Theory:

    Taking A Walk With Euler

    Friendship Paradox


Open Text Books

>>> University of Minnesota's Open Academics Textbook Catalog

         >>> Math textbooks 


Are You a Math PhD Student?

Read: "How to Write Mathematics" by Norman E. Steenrod Paul R. Halmos; Menahem M. Schiffer; Jean A. Dieudonne.

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