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Science 9, Alberta Curriculum

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Alberta Program Overview

Program of Studies


Space Exploration


PDF, Science in Action 9
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  Science Fair Ideas
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Space Exploration

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Powerpoint presentations and workbooks  


Periodic Table app

Check out the The Royal Society of Chemistry - Periodic Table online.


Periodic Table and Formulas
from the Chem 203 Data Sheet

Data Sheet Chem 203 (has typical Periodic Table)
Introduction to Chemistry

The Bohr Model

The Bohr Model, lesson:

Bohr's Theory of the Hydrogen Atom – College Physics:

The theory of electron waves, by Louis de Broglie:

         Louis de Broglie - Nobel Lecture: "The wave nature of the electron".


Lecture on Khan Academy:

         electron defraction patterns, wavelike behavior

         what is the waving of an electron? Quantum Wavefunction


Electrons must not interfere with themselves:

      see also:

      see also:

      Electrons and standing waves:

      Why is light slower in glass? and


                   can light travel faster than Einstein's speed of light?, photons interfering with themselves,  light speed phase velocity, polariton,

                   refraction index, phase shift,


Hands-on Projects...

Design a paper experiment where wave and circle cutouts have to be fitted to a certain radius. Have the students fit clones of the wave piece in a circlular manner.

Have the students understand why some lengths fit and why others don't. Begin with at least 3 or 4 waves (peaks).


Chemistry Quiz on:
Subatomic Particles :
  Elements, Compounds and Mixtures Quiz:

Grade 9 Chemistry Lesson 1 - Matter and the Particle Theory

Wave-Particle Duality and the Photoelectric Effect


More on the Photoelectric Effect...  

see also:

Atomic Theory

read more about: Atom Vibrations in Solids

What is "zero point energy"?


Why do atoms vibrate? Ask a question on researchgate:

Vibrations handout (@


Millikan Oil Drop Experiment, 1909: Measuring the charge of the electron.

Matter Quiz
Matter and Chemical Change Practice Test
Matter: Chemical and Physical Changes
Lesson: Physical vs. Chemical Props, Boiling and Melting Points

EdQuest Tests on Chemistry Unit B: Matter & Chemical Change,
Unit C: Environmental Chemistry
Notice the answer keys

There are additional tests here:

More resources...

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Building a periodic table

Elements - Character Design (Cards)
Covalent vs. Ionic Bonds
Common Polyatomic Ions

Separating Mixtures
How To Speak Chemistrian:
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