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Explore the Human Body Photosynthesis
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Elementary Life Science

Activities for preschoolers

Paper and Glue...

Free Resources:

Ancient Earth: what did it look like 600 million years ago?

Chemistry for Your Elementary Age Children

Listen to science on audio books - Librovox's Children's Non-fiction has free access

Science Activities For Kids 1st - 5th Grades

Science Project: Build a Robotic Hand

Kindergarten Science Worksheets


Grade 2

Buoyancy Gravity Astronomy, Solar System

Buoyancy and Boats

Buoyancy and Boats Lesson Plan 

Design a Boat Lesson Plan

How do boats float

Gravity - Newton's Beads - Cool Science Experiment

Planets Kerpoof Lesson Plan: Astronomy, the Solar System (used to be on the Kerpoof website)




Water Pressure - Cool Science Prank

Water - Flocculation (Khan Academy)


Mind Fuel - Science Alberta Foundation


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