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Physics, Grade 9-12


International Summer School for Young Physicists


Content Shortcuts

Classical Mechanics Lectures Stanford Books, Self Study Calgary Public Library
  MIT see also   17 fascinating physics podcasts  


Indiviual Topis Gravity



Stanford Classical Mechanics Lectures (Prof. Leonard Susskind)

Lecture 1


Lecture 2:

Lecture 3:

Lecture 4:

Lecture 5:

Lecture 6:

Lecture 7:

Lecture 8:

Lecture 9:

Lecture 10:



MIT: Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Prof. Walter Lewin

The video collection:


Yale University: Fundamentals of Physics with Ramamurti Shankar

Click here for playlist.

(see other Yale courses here)



Gravity Visualized


  Self Study Materials from the Calgary Public Library e-Books


Physics Classroom Resources, from NSF


Science 10 Resources

Physics 20 Resources

Physics 30 Resources


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Understand the Particle Model of Matter with "Chemistry for Kids"

Formula Sheet:
Physics 20 Formula Sheet (NAIT Edmonton)

What are the Topics for Physics Grade 12? 

From the Open Textbook Library (free):

(multiple authors)

Other manuals from the free Open Textbook Library:
    University Physics Volume 1, by Jeff Sanny, Samuel Ling
    University Physics Volume 2, by Jeff Sanny, Samuel Ling
    University Physics Volume 3, by Jeff Sanny, Samuel Ling

Heat Transfer

Khan Academy: Understanding conductive, convective, and radiative heat transfer.

NASA: Heat Transfer


Mechanics: Simple Harmonic Motion

Learn how to solve and understand simple harmonic motion in this calculus-based physics class. See the prerequired modules also available.


Planck's Experiment on the Law of Radiation (Planck's constant)

Did Planck devise his own experiment to verify his hypoteses?
Who where the experimentalist who confimed his theories were right?
Video (14 min)

video also talk about the photoelectric effect

Brownian Motion Experiments, designed by Einstein

Work done by experimentalists for Einstein
   see the precise instructions that Einstein gave to the experimentalist to accomplish the wanted workflow. One such experimentalist was the well knonwn Jean Baptiste Perrin.
Einstein 1905: The Standard of Greatness
Books on Google


Quantum Mechanics, Photoelectric Effect

AP Test Prep on Khan Academy:

Photon Momentum


Quantum Mechanics: Wavefunctions, Operators, and Expectation Values

n this quantum physics course you will learn the basics of quantum mechanics. We begin with de Broglie waves, the wavefunction, and its probability interpretation. We then introduce the Schrodinger equation, inner products, and Hermitian operators. We also study the time-evolution of wave-packets, Ehrenfest's theorem, and uncertainty relations.


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