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Postsecondary Math

Physics, Grade 9-12


Stanford Classical Mechanics Lectures (Prof. Leonard Susskind)

Lecture 1


Lecture 2:

Lecture 3:

Lecture 4:

Lecture 5:

Lecture 6:

Lecture 7:

Lecture 8:

Lecture 9:

Lecture 10:



MIT: Physics I: Classical Mechanics, Prof. Walter Lewin

The video collection:


Yale University: undamentals of Physics with Ramamurti Shankar

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(see other Yale courses here)



Gravity Visualized


  Self Study Materials from the Calgary Public Library e-Books


Physics Classroom Resources, from NSF


Science 10 Resources

Physics 20 Resources

Physics 30 Resources


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Understand the Particle Model of Matter with "Chemistry for Kids"

Formula Sheet:
Physics 20 Formula Sheet (NAIT Edmonton)

From the Calgary public library:

Heat Transfer


Khan Academy: Understanding conductive, convective, and radiative heat transfer.

NASA: Heat Transfer


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