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Volunteering and Enrichment Programs

Volunteering and enrichment opportunities:

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Chemistry for Teens
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5 myths about voluntourism

Academix   - Hands on Math for young students. See previous events here.

 - Coding with Scratch. See previous events here (sponsored by Sharp Series, materials used with permission).

-  Chemistry for Budding Scientist (we're working on it, send us an email if participation is of interest to you, we are currently looking for youth volunteers to run the program)
  Become a SHAD Fellow, Brochure, see also more info about SHAD (designed for senior high school students (completing Grade 10, 11 or 12; Quebec Secondaire IV, V and CEGEP I; or equivalent international qualifications).
         SHAD Financial Support
Salvation Army Canada
Animal Shelter (volunteering)
Calgary Counselling Centre
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The City of Calgary
  Numerous programs available with the City of Calgary.
Volunteer at the Calgary Public Library
Destination Imagination
Volunteer for DI in your area
Youth Central (Calgary)

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