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Art Lessons, Traditional Tools

Please contact us if you are able to sponsor part of this program, participate, create props or donate any materials.

Start Date: depends on the number of participants, class won't proceed with less than 6 students.

Location: NW, TBD.

Materials provided: Artist's notebooks, pencils, transparency foil (cellulose acetate), workbook and templates, art dummy. Collective book published at the end of the course.

Students must bring: erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers, sharpies.


PART 1, Instruction and work

Lesson 1: Learning about perspective, light and shadow, in the work of the "Great Masters".

Lesson 2: Learning about Portraits, Profiles and Facial Expressions.

Lesson 3: Guest Artist: TBD.

Lesson 4: Modern Art: Sketching comics characters and classic comics poses. Build your own hero, with or without templates.

Lesson 5: Pencil work: building texture.


PART 2, Practicum

Lesson 6: Draw each other's portraits and self portraits. Self portraits can be real life like or abstract.

Lesson 7: Draw simple geometric shapes, how light reflects on them and the direction in their shadow positions. Show your perspective.

Lesson 8: Draw texture (in pencil) choose from: tree bark, grass, wood, crumpled paper, soap bubbles or suds, and more.


PART 3, Publish your art collection

The children publish their own art collection in a book together.

All rights are given to the publisher so the work can be bundled together in one book. Scans of the work will be formatted to fit the same dimensions.

The names on the art can be real names or artist pseudonyms. Each artist receives an autobiographical page using the self portrait, or a favorite portrait drawn by another child, the grade, name or pseudonym, hobbies and interests, and a short bit about why art should be taught in every school.

One copy of each book will be provided as part of the course.



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