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Interesting Books for All Ages

Books are listed in no particular order.
on amazon   Meet Chris Hadfield
by Elizabeth MacLeod (Author), Mike Deas (Illustrator)
Comic-flavored illustration with speech balloons that help bring the story alive. Historical photos and a timeline support the narrative.
This publisher: Wisehouse Classics Edition, provides many classic works for free on Kindle. Take advantage of this fantastic list to contribute to your education.   The Prince,
by Nicolo Machiavelli

Have you ever the expression "Machiavellian"? Find out what that is all about.

The common interpretation of Machiavelli is that he was the ultimate cynic about politics: cutthroat behavior, deception, and cruelty are the chief weapons a master politician must wield. Not true! Machiavelli was a harsh critic of the hypocrisy of the Papacy, of religious duplicity more generally, and an advocate for republican rule. A trenchant opponent of military mercenaries - overexploited by Florence, Milan, Venice, Pisa and the Papacy - he came down heavily on the side of popular militias. This is a book that should be read by everyone interested in the complicated interactions of religion, patriotism, and power.
Rick Riordan books.   Books by Rick Riordan

We like these books because:
- create interest in Greek and other mythology,
- good plots,
- interesting for teens and pre-teens,
- more books available if you liked the style,
- fun for the whole family, can read together.
by Kelly and Zach Weinersmith

We like this book because:

- interesting,
- touches on lots of science,
- can spark discussion on a variety of topics,
- keeps you informed,
- funny,
- enjoyable.

on amazon
  Chemistry for Kids, Atomic Structure, Charges and Mass
by Lex Sharp

We like this book because:
- starts chemistry from scratch, no prerequisites needed,
- lets younger students do high chemistry,
- visuals help understand faster,
- provides list of problems and answers,
- if you are passed books that present chemistry as a collection of simple facts such as one page per element, then this book will help make the transition to actual learning, it is a text book.   Beast Academy Books

We like these books because:
You have to appreciate the amount of work and art that goes into these books, blended with Math. They are original and try to do something different.
    The 5th Wave
by Rick Yancey

We like these books because:
Perfect summer reading for your teen. The series has a well formed plot, an interesting story.
    Introduction to Algorithms
by Thomas H. Cormen (Author), Charles E. Leiserson (Author), Ronald L. Rivest (Author), Clifford Stein (Author)

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