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Keeping a Journal


"It is useful," Leonardo wrote, to "constantly observe, note, and consider." But when you are Leonardo, what sorts of things are buzzing around in your head? Well, Toby Lester describes what is essentially a "To Do" list buried in one of those notebooks, a bunch of things Leonardo planned to do one week, or month, in the early 1490's.

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Math Crafts

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Make Your Own Game

Board Game Paper Tetris Make tic-tac-toe 3D from playdough    


Make Puppets

Puppet Finger Puppets        


Use a Camera to Create Stop Motion Animation

Find out more how it's done...
Here is a stop-motion example by a 9 year old: Tutorial


Make Something Awesome

Kumihimo Bracelet Tutorial   Hand made paper beads
Make a Knitting Loom   Polymer Cat Sculpture



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Print Making



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