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Grade 9 Math Competition Study Group

May, 2018

The kind of geometry featured in Junior competitions is not always well covered in the regular school curriculum. Namely, theorems and proofs tend to be neglected.

If you are just starting out on preparing for this type of geometry you will find the next resources useful.


Basic Concepts and Definitions


The Khan Academy General Geometry Page



  Selected Khan Academiy Geometry Topics   Other Websites

Circle Geometry Basics and Relationship to Angles.

Circles and Inscribed Angles

Various geometry problems

Theorems concerning triangle properties.

                               see example how this web formats questions and solutions
                     click on the explanation link after you thought about the problem on your own.

Medians, Bisectors, and Perpendiculars in Triangles.

Construction Algorithms


Various Examples (Sal works through problems from the released questions from the California Standards Test for Geometry.)




Additional Resources

Clip art collection - but also suggests associated problems to be used for finding proofs.



May 3, 2017

The competition ended. Good job to all participants. Now we wait for the results...


April 24, 2017

The competition date is approaching fast...

The links to the archive are below:

Continue to use a timer, remember even if you can solve the questions, it has to be completed in the designated amount of time, which is the hard part. 90 minutes if all you have.



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