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Science, Alberta Curriculum

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Alberta Program Overview

Specific Units

Content Shortcuts:
Unit A: Interactions and Ecosystems
Unit B: Plants for Food and Fibre
Unit C: Heat and Temperature
Unit D: Structures and Forces
Unit E: Planet Earth

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Usefull websites
Interesting Programs: The Let’s Talk Science Challenge for Grades 7-8
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Recommended Book:

The book units and the Alberta recommended units are synchronized in their unit letters.

What's the world's favorite number and why?

Why the world's toughest maths problems are much harder than a chess puzzle, and well worth US$1m

Using Math to make sense of the world around us

Our universe should not exist, CERN antimatter study confirms

Lesson Plans for Grade 7 Science

Science Focus 7 Notes & Review    
Grade 7 Science, Teacher's Notes Powerpoint presentations

Unit A: Interactions and Ecosystems

Key Concepts 

interactions and interdependencies
environmental monitoring
environmental impacts
producers, consumers, decomposers
nutrient cycles and energy flow
species distribution,
endangered species
environmental management

More Resources:
- Interactions in the Environment
- Echosystems

For Teachers (PDF direct link):
Grades 5 to 8 Science: A Foundation for Implementation

Interactions and Ecosystems (PPT direct link)

Field Trip

Sample Experiment Write-Up

Energy Flow

Energy Flow

Example producers

  Consumers, Decomposers Consumers and Decomposers

  Species Distribution Species Distribution

  Succession Ecological succession: Primary and Secondary (on Khan Academy)

Example test questions

  Endangered Species Endangered Species Lesson Plan (Lessons, Playing cards, Slide show, Homework)

BBC - Endangered species (bitesize)

Critically Endangered Species List. The list has been broken down by region and species type.

  Extinction Britannica Videos:

7 birds you won’t believe are threatened with extinction

The New York Times: Endangered and Extinct Species



Unit B: Plants for Food and Fibre

Key Concepts 

needs and uses of plants
plant propagation and reproduction
life processes and structure of plants
fertilizers and soil nutrients
chemical and biological controls
plant varieties
selective breeding
resource management



Unit C: Heat and Temperature

Key Concepts 

heat energy needs and technologies
thermal energy (thermal energy may also be used in this unit.)
particle model of matter
thermal expansion
change of state
heat transfer
insulation and thermal conductivity
thermal energy sources
energy conservation

Unit Resources:
- Continental Movement by Plate Tectonics, Earth’s Tectonic Plates

- Video Lesson: Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation: Heat Transfer Lesson

- Particle model of matter

Browse related worksheets on

Browse for more resources on "Teachers Pay Teachers" (search key free).



Unit D: Structures and Forces

Key Concepts 

structural forms
material strength and stiffness
forces on and within structures (loads and stresses)
direction of forces
structural stability
modes of failure
performance requirements
margin of safety


Explore the Burj Khalifa Building

Marshmallow challenge


Learn a new tool:

Use Sketchup to create a 3D digital model of "Circular arches in architectural facades"


Unit Exams:

Word document download: Unit Exam



Unit E: Planet Earth

Key Concepts 

rocks and minerals
rock cycle: formation of igneous rock, metamorphism and sedimentary processes
mountain formation: folding and faulting
crustal movement/plate tectonics
geological time scale
fossil formation
weathering and erosion
sudden and gradual/incremental change
development of models based on observation and evidence

Self Grading Science Practice for Grade 7 on IXL








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